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Wireless Network Solution – The Growing Ambit of Information and Technology

The consistent change brought by the persistent launch of various fixed as well as wireless mobile phones, various technologies have also surfaced. Wireless networking is not the new concept which has become demanding theme at the present. With the launch of mobile phones in 1973, the networking technology is growing drastically. The usage of cell phones has bounced over boundaries and such geographical outgrowth in the utilization has unveiled the presence of  Information   Technology .

Encroachment of wireless networking and  information   technology 

Information is essential in all regards. Be it personal, social, business, international or intra-national; a good update with latest information and techniques is imperative. And this all can be achieved by stay connected with internet. The computer is the main conduit through which we can gain as well as share our knowledge and information across. The advent of mobiles phones have dramatically changed the sharing of information. Now one can get every information through his mobile as well with the help of Wi-Fi and certain internet applications set in their diminutive mobile phone.

Nowadays we call them smart phones or PDA devices that serves many business people for their various tasks. They helps them to deal their major business assignments; to do instant messaging; to avail latest updates; to navigate their subordinates through file sharing and sending important mails. These great technology have miraculously replace the cumbersome laptops that had already replaced its predecessor, a desktop computer. Providing an uninterrupted connectivity with latest updates and information, these mobile devices have been proved to be a boon for the entrepreneur and business people.


The transmission of data in computers and laptops is done through binary ones and zeros. This same digital format transcription is used to the movement radio waves that transmits data to our mobiles or wireless laptops. The mechanism of Morse code transmits the info in the form of dots and dashes over radio. The radio device comes with a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter transfers the radio signals whereas the receiver catch up the signal and brings the output. This is the same mechanism of a wireless mobile device and laptops too.

Gift of such growing technology has brought us to the new arena where we can execute our ambitions with our growing sectors and increase our economy.


What is technology? I bet that everyone you ask will give you a different definition, depending on the things he/she uses. I’m sure your mother will tell you that technology makes her life easy because of all the gadgets that were invented, your younger brother will say technology means latest generation computers and high detailed games, you will probably say that it is your mobile phone. I will say for me technology is semi-cocked food. It was probably the best invention ever. But it’s just me.

So, we have established how we, the mortals, see technology. But wouldn’t be really interesting to see what it really is? Well it deals with how a species customs and knowledge of instruments meant to ease the life and how it affects its capability to fit into the environment. This is a general definition.

We, the humans see it as a result of the interaction of different sciences and engineering.

Technology is one of those terms that actually cannot be defined. It cam mean everything from a main board to a way of organizing a factory. It can refer to practically everything, because all of the things around us were, at a certain point technological breakdowns.

How can we use it? As such, in specific areas like “medical technology”, describing only one aspect of science or in expressions like “state-of-the-art-technology”, which is by far more abstract.

We have used technology for as far as we existed. It is in our blood to discover all kinds of things meant to ease our life. And if they do not exist, you can bet wee will invent them. Starting with the discovery of fire and with the adaptation of all the things we find in nature to our needs and ending with the World Wide Web and the space satellites launched into the orbit, we managed to turn everything in our favor. And that is technology. Well, as our ancestors used to say, since the invention of the wheel we’ve learned a great deal about controlling our environment.

Technology is every ware around us, permitting us to interact at a global scale. Imagine that! With just a click you can see your friend from the other side of the world in real time. Not just talk to her, but see her, see what she does and how she reacts.

But technology brought upon us a great curse too. We didn’t invent only good things. There are a lot of destructive gadgets that do not ease our existence, but only complicate it, or end it. Bang-Bang! And that’s not your kid’s gun, but a real one that can end your life in a heart beat.

All in all technology is what makes the world go round every day. Well, not exactly. Magic, or the laws of nature make that. Technology is everything else, all the things that can’t be blamed on magic. Ant that’s about 99,9% of the things that you use in life. So, VIVA Technology.

It’s a Small World – Satellite Technology

The most recent advances in satellite and fiber optic technology bring our amazing world to us without having to leave the comforts of home. Digital satellite television providers have mastered the science and have the capabilities to transmit international programming signals to and from all locations on our earth. From its inception, immediately after the Cold War period, television and satellite technology has advanced from black and white imagery to intense high definition crystal-clear pictures with sound clarity that is equally as exceptional and now brings viewers live broadcasts from around the world in real time. This enables peoples to learn about foreign cultures as well as stay in touch with native lands and be in the know as far as relevant news events develop. From India to the United States, Greece, China, Iran, and Russia – satellite technology provides the best in television and audio programming. News, sports, and family programming are available, including arts and languages, cuisine, fashion, music, drama series, current events, and children’s shows, at the touch of a fingertip. Experience life in other cultures and feel the excitement of knowing how others live in our world. International programming packages are provided in many different languages providing diversity at its best.

India offers programming in Urdu and Hindi with the best of Bollywood movies, news, family programming, and sports. Iran offers Farsi with excellent news, sports, and family channels. Tapesh offers movies, dramas, and sports 24 hours a day with arts, documentaries and classic films also being provided. China’s programming includes a variety of channels in Mandarin Chinese in addition to a channel called Videoland that features current events and news, entertainment, and children’s shows. One package includes live coverage from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian cities and includes the latest in news and sports as well as music and children’s shows and movies. Specialty packages of international sports, including World Cup Cricket from India, Pakistan, and Africa, are available for enthusiasts to experience the wide world of sports entertainment. Broaden your horizons the easy and cheap way – digital satellite international programming. It is easy with specially designed packages of programming delivering the best each country, culture and language has to offer. Get live broadcasts as well as radio channels for round the clock entertainment.

There is actually life outside the confines of your home, and satellite and fiber optic technology bring it to you in style. You are in for a real treat with offers of diverse and sophisticated channels. As the technology advances, the spectrum of channels continue to expand – taking viewers to more exciting and exotic locations around the world. Choose your location and get ready for a trip around the world – sit back and enjoy!

Explore the Field of Health Information Technology

The healthcare industry is growing faster than ever, and growing with it is the need for trained professionals in the field of information technology. With advances in medicine and technology, digital record keeping and data basing have become fundamental elements to modern healthcare facilities.

According to statistics held by the United States Bureau of Labor, job prospects for professional in the health information technology field are expected to be among the fastest growing for the next decade. In addition, technicians are in constant demand by employers, making IT professionals in the health industry invaluable. Wages for technicians averaged at $40,610 in 2008, and those holding degrees from accredited universities earned even more.

Healthcare technicians perform a variety of duties relating to organization records handling. Their skills are essential to efficient patient care. Some of these duties include compiling medical information like medical history, current symptoms, examination results, diagnostic tests, treatment methods, and past healthcare services provided. Workers in this field also organize and manage medical data and ensure the quality and accuracy of data.

In addition to careful management of data, technicians are responsible for understanding and using a variety of advanced equipment and technologies. Technicians are now proficient with electronic health records, or EHR. With this type of software, technicians maintain and analyze all of a facilities data. Professionals often work to improve the quality of data management, and contribute to greater quality in overall patient care.

Professionals in the health information technology field may hold an associates degree, or higher. Programs in the field are offered at a variety of field, and typically cover a broad range of topics in healthcare and computer systems. At the associate’s level, graduates can expect an introductory level of knowledge of the following areas.

Basic Medical Terminology

Graduates can expect a rich understanding of medical terminology so they can communicate with medical professionals and understand important concepts for healthcare organizations and patient care.

-Health Services and Information Systems Classes will cover the history of healthcare facilities in the United States and the evolution of modern day procedures in the industry.

-International Classification of Diseases Coding Central to a healthcare professional’s basic knowledge is an understanding of the layout of disease classification. Graduates will be better able to interpret and communicate this data.

-Legal and Regulatory Issues in Health Information Programs will prepare graduates to deal with the specific technology laws related to patient privacy and records handling.

Top Technology Blogs Of 2011

There is no way to avoid it, technology has taken a front seat in just about every humans life rather they like it or not. The top technology blogs on the internet give the everyday Joe a way to stay in touch with the newest technology trends and helps them see what is coming next for their favorite types of tech and more importantly their favorite tech gadgets. These blogs can really help you make smart buying decisions too. When you know where the trends are going to be going it is much easier to buy the products or services that will be here and just as relevant for years to come. Because technology and the surrounding services, products and businesses change so fast, it really is hard to predict what will be next.

The popularity of the tech blog has grown because this is the medium that most technology fans prefer. Instead of needing to wait for the late night news, you can be automatically updated by using RSS feeds or simply keeping your favorite tech blog open in a web browser window. If a new story breaks the internet offers an instant delivery system that lets bloggers from all over the planet to connect with their readers in a matter of seconds. This instant delivery really works in an up and coming generation that does not even know what “delayed gratification” means and as for the news publisher’s this offers a perfect way to get the word out faster than ever before.

When you start looking for new ways to get the hottest   news  about the stories that matter most to you, it may be a good idea to get started with the best  technology  blogs on the net today. Just follow that link and you will be brought to a list of the most popular and most powerful tech blogs on the net today. When you check out the top 5 list you may find out that you are already frequenting some of them. These top tech blogs are bringing the most recent and most frequent updates to those who are ready to be on the forefront of the new technology wave!

Choosing an Information Technology Career – Is IT Right For You?

As a service member who developed a rewarding Information Technology career after leaving the military, I want to share some perspective on factors you need to consider when choosing an educational program for developing your career in IT. Talking with prospective students and attending education fairs, I interact with military members looking to advance their education and considering IT careers on a regular basis. The 4 most common situations I encounter –

The military member is:

o Seeking a specific IT degree and has the background needed to be successful

o Already employed in a career in IT and interested in pursuing that Information Technology career path, but unsure how best to proceed

o Not currently working in IT, but interested in an Information Technology career

o Currently working a career in Information Technology, but wants to get a degree in a different field of IT

With my military and IT related experience, I feel uniquely capable of offering relevant guidance to the member to help them make an informed choice of how to proceed. This 2nd article in my Information Technology series provides discussion of some initial considerations the service member faces in choosing an education path, as well as some things to consider when choosing information technology careers. Center to any decision should be the understanding that advanced education is important for promotion purposes and to enhance the quality of life potential for you and your family. Further, you should take advantage of the available funding to get your education as soon as possible, before it is no longer available.

Three main ingredients will likely determine your success in an IT career path: your degree, your certifications, and your relevant experience in the field. Don’t short change any one of the three if you want to maximize your potential and worth to an employer, and minimize your likelihood of being laid off or replaced. You should also be aware that the IT arena is constantly evolving and advancing, so continuing-education and updating certifications will be a way of life. Don’t let this discourage you since this makes for an interesting long-term career that can be tweaked in varying directions and be very satisfying and fulfilling.

As for IT careers in general, you should also understand that Information Technology must be a strategic partner in most successful enterprises. It is not a silver-bullet to the organization’s success but is a vital and critical support component to any enterprise. As such, IT careers usually require 24/7 attention, so be prepared for varied daily schedules, and know that IT work-weeks can be notoriously long. If you choose your path wisely, this should not be a problem considering that the IT field has been one of the top two fields for job security and pay/benefits for the past many years.

No matter what your personality – careers in IT are available for you. If you are not a people-person, IT jobs are available in which you are off in a corner rarely seen or bothered by anyone (you can be like a mushroom in a dark cave.) However, if you’re a socialite, Information Technology jobs are also available where this trait is critical for promoting collaboration and helping keep IT a valued team player in the enterprise. Jobs abound for personalities in-between those.

Finally with IT career experience in your background, don’t short change your education or experience as you move to another career field such as business, healthcare, or criminal justice. That knowledge and experience can make you more valuable to a future employer since Information Technology is a key ingredient in all of those fields also.

Information Technology: Foundation of Business

Hardly any business today is independent from using  information   technology . The technological innovations in computer hardware, software applications, internet and wireless connectivity led to business efficiency. Various types of business entities became largely dependent on these technological operations for their day-to-day operations.

From simple word processing software to sophisticated encrypted database system, various types of businesses are relying on  information   technology  to transact with clients and business partners. Significant portion of the transactions and wealth of many businesses are now in electronic or digital format. Hence, it is not surprising why big corporations invest significant amount of money on  information   technology .

Business infrastructure does not only refer to buildings and other concrete structures. It also refers to the main support systems of a business such as technological infrastructure. Unlike concrete and metal infrastructures, technological infrastructures need to change more frequently. This is in order to adapt to the rapidly changing economic environment. Business entities that are capable of fast technological adaptations are more capable of competing on the global scale.

 Information   technology  is crucial to business infrastructure. It can be considered as the nervous system of business. This is particularly true for large corporate businesses that have many branches and varied operations. A fast food business, for instance, rely on the supply logistics of mass-produced ingredients such as burger patties. The efficiency of fast food logistics is dependent on how the individual restaurant branches communicate with the inventory chain. All of these are possible because of computer the networks and databases that are updated in real time.

Information is both a commodity when it comes to business operations. It is a commodity because business entities purchase it in the form of software applications. Information also corresponds to the inventory or stocks of products. For some businesses such as online businesses, information is a commodity that they buy in the form of high traffic keywords. From smart phone software applications to database of prospective clients, information is a commodity that has a wide range of value depending on the practical use.

On the other hand, information is also a currency in literal and indirect sense. Bank accounts, transaction revenues, balance sheets, and other information mostly have electronic counterparts. Majority of these actually exist as purely encrypted information in some computer networks. The simple payment of fares in commuter trains, for example, can now be conveniently done using a smart phone. Utility bill payments can also now be done online through secured servers of banks. Of course, shopping can also be done through the internet. All of these involve the transfer and recording of information in the form of electronic money.

Businesses that have advanced IT systems are likely to be more competitive globally. Paper-less and cash-less transactions are now becoming a norm of global trade.

Helpful Information Technology Training Courses

There are a number of unique and helpful  information   technology  training courses available these days. Some of them may be especially helpful to one’s business, depending on the needs of the business. Here are some examples.

1.  Information   technology  leadership. Although many people aspire to work with  information   technology , it takes a special kind of person to fill a leadership role in this field. Many courses are now available to help cultivate such leadership skills.

2. VoIP technology. More and more business are moving away from the standard telephone systems that have been in use for decades. These businesses have found that VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems reduce both equipment and personnel costs. Thus, training courses in VoIP  technology  can make an  information   technology  worker quite valuable.

3. Cloud computing. As access to the Internet becomes more universal, a number of industries-large and small-have found cloud computing to be a viable solution. Training courses cover such topics as planning, installation, maintenance, and security of a cloud computing infrastructure.

4. Business software utilization. Although business software is easier to use than ever before, it still requires a level of training in order to get the most out of these software programs. Most businesses could benefit from training courses on specific software programs they utilize. At the very least, key personnel may take some of these courses, and then provide training to other staff members.

5. Privacy compliance. More and more countries have enacted strict legislation regarding the collection and sharing of personal data. As a result, it has become increasingly important for businesses to make sure that their technological practices comply with these laws. Because privacy and data laws can be somewhat challenging to understand, training courses on these subjects are a vital part of  information   technology  education.

6. Software development. Most  information   technology  managers will admit that one of their biggest expenses is the purchasing, licensing, and upgrading of business software. For this reason, many companies opt to develop their own in-house software. Besides reducing expenses, internally developed software has the advantage of being custom made to suit the unique requirements and methods of operation at a particular company. Training courses in a variety of software development programs are now widely available.

7. Technical support. Although a large amount of technical support work has been outsourced to other countries, a number of companies still care for this work themselves. Thus, there is a need to train qualified support staff to handle day-to-day issues that arise, both in person and over the phone. Such training courses have proved invaluable to companies that prefer to handle their own technical support.

These are just a few of the numerous courses available. When evaluating such options, businesses do well to consider the size and needs of their particular company, the staff available, the cost of the training, and its potential benefit. They can thereby take full advantage of the exciting advances in  information   technology , harnessing these powerful tools while maximizing both efficiency and profitibility.

How Technology Affects America

With the amount of information that is available, people can become experts on just about anything. A perfect example is interior designing. With the internet and television, a person with no experience can go and find the perfect shower curtain for their bathroom. You may think shower curtains aren’t important, but it is the fact that it used to be a designer that got paid to do all of that work. Someone can go online and find a how to site that tells them all the steps to installing a sink or new countertops. The increased amount of available information can have both its advantages and disadvantages. 

One advantage that many see is that it allows people to do many jobs on their own. This eliminates the hassle and cost of hiring an outside source. The fact that a person can find out how to practically build their entire house could essentially eliminate the whole need for construction workers. It is only a matter of how much time the person may have. That is where all this information can have its downside. Eventually, people are going to become so able to rely on themselves that it will mean there are no need for certain occupations. Some might even say that it could ruin our society because everyone will become so self reliant.

Another argument that can be had over information and its accessibility is its effects on jobs. It can be seen as a plus for the reason that it provides many jobs in the technology world. With so much information, there is a high need for people who can relay it on to the people and keep track of it all. This is a growing field because it has not been around for very long. The other side to this argument is that in a time of economic struggle, it is taking business away from many people. Libraries are losing people because they can find so much online. Movie stores lose business because movies can be found on the internet. The amount of information that people have access to is beyond belief. Now people have become experts at hacking and stealing more information than they are privileged to. Information can be a dangerous thing.

This is a very interesting argument. The internet and other ways of providing information to people are not going away anytime soon. However, no one knows the long term effects that it could have on our society. It is a debate that could be had forever because the future is the unknown. We will not know if there are going to be negative effects until it might be too late. At the same time, we do not know how life would be without television, cell phones, or the internet. Some even argue that the internet is one of the most revolutionary inventions of mankind’s history. Despite how you feel about the amount of information available and the ways that we can access it, you cannot deny that it does play a big role in our lives.